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4LZL-4.0Z Rice & Wheat Combine Harvester

1. Under frame is designed like Chinese eight;
2. Make it easier to pass some paddy field.
  • 4LZL-4.0Z
1. Seed roller with gear selection, could change the speed in three gear.
2. Bi-directional function, make it easy to clean roller.
3. Easier to maintain and repair due to the grain tank can turn acound 90 degree.
4. Under frame is designed like Chinese eight, make it easier to pass some paddy.
5. More powerful on transmission and more reliable with the ransmission chain part.
6. Engine with 96 horsepower, from Top Chinese engine factory.
7. Big grain tank with capacity of 1400kg.
8. Seed roller and thresh sieve is much bigger than old model, which improved the capacity of grain threshing and collecting, also reduced the loss rate.
Model 4LZL-4.0Z
Type                Full feeding, Self propelled, Tracked type
Dimension(LxWxH) 5100x2500x2650mm
Weight 3050kg
Cutting width 2000mm
Feeding speed 4.0kg/s
Track size 450mm x 90mm x 50section
Min ground clearance 200mm
Gearbox HST
Travelling speed range 0-5.7km/h
Engine horsepower 70kw/2400rpm
Fuel consumption 21-27kg/hm2(8-10L/h)
Working capacity 0.3-0.5 hm2/h
Total loss rate Rice3.0%, Wheat1.5%
Impurity rate              2.0 %
Breakage rate 1.5%
Reliability 93%
Ground pressure       24kpa
Cleaning type Longitudianl axial flow
Grain unloading method auger unloading
Grain Tank 300kg or 700kg

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