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New Beet Harvester Developed

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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Technology Center successfully developed a new beet harvester. The advent of the harvesting machine, not only change our beet harvest cost, can also improve equipment adaptability and economy for the main producing areas in northern China, promote mechanization of sugar beet production.
According to reports, in the development process, the researchers combined the main producing areas of sugar beet planting size, economic conditions and the current situation of domestic machinery manufacturing level, focusing on capturing the automatic line mining, profiling cutting the top, double digging ground-breaking integration, deepening automatic regulation and grid-like rotary disc cleanup and other key technologies, developed San Antonio web design firm 4LT-A type of beet harvester.
The machine is tested for sugar beet harvest in Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu successfully, tests showed that the structure is compact, convenient transfer headland turns and field, high production efficiency, adaptability; whole continuous operation ability, threshing, cut the top, pulling, clearing miscellaneous, transportation, handling and other operational aspects control system and hydraulic system, advanced technology, high degree of intelligence to realize the full drag reduction saving.

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