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A New Era of Agricultural Machinery

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In recent years, factors such as the continuous reduction of the rural labor force in China, the substantial increase in labor costs, and labor safety risks have had a certain negative impact on the safety of food production. The application of autonomous agricultural machinery has become one of the main directions to solve the pain points of agricultural development. At the policy level, support policies have also been issued to encourage the promotion and application of domestic automatic driving agricultural machinery.

      A few days ago, the 2021 National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation Competition sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation and co-organized by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and other units was successfully held, and the list of winners was announced recently. It is learned that among the 167 product quality innovation project award-winning list, a total of 18 agricultural machinery industry finalists, and won 1 gold award, 4 silver awards, and 13 excellence awards.

    In 2020, China will realize the first large-scale application of self-driving tractors, and vigorously promote the development of intelligent agricultural machinery, precision agriculture, and smart agriculture. China is a big country in the production and consumption of agricultural machinery, and the problem of overcapacity is the main contradiction that has existed for a long time in the agricultural machinery industry. At the same time, there is still a shortage of high-end agricultural machinery and special agricultural machinery. The installation of automatic driving navigation system has become the necessary intelligent equipment for the intelligentization of agricultural machinery in developed countries, and the necessary equipment for large-scale agricultural machinery, especially large-scale tractors. Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises will continue to explore the green and intelligent fields of agricultural machinery technology and lead the development and innovation ofagricultural machinery industry in China.

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