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Announcements when You Drive Combine Harvesters

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Before Operation

1. Read the instructions and understand each component position, structure, and performance.

2. Check the consistence and joint situation of different parts and confirm whether machine is in a normal condition, the tires are in good condition and pressure is normal. Make sure that water, oil, and electricity are not any leakage phenomenon.

3. Configured with fire extinguisher and other common items.

4. Survey the operation field and road.


During operation

1. Before starting, please give signal to ensure safety. After start-up, the machine should be a low speed and gradually speed up.

2. It should be taken straight on straight down the way of travel, cannot slant. Otherwise it will damage the crawler or combine the focus offset, a cartwheel.

3. During normal operation, any parts shall not be touched with the hand. Any maintenance and repair shall be conducted after the engine flameout downtime.

4. It is banned to work in no support of the scenes for harvest.

5. Reap, maintenance, gas, and repair are done at night, it is banned to use open flame.

6. Pay attention to the height of the control when harvest lodging crops to prevent soil into cutting header. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cutting machine and secondary elevator beat the dragon jams.

7. During operation, it is better to arrange the specialist, who is responsible for maintaining work site and prevent the old man and child near the harvester.

8. It is forbidden for any personnel, equipment into the granary when unloading grain. And it is forbidden for put staff hand into the outlet. It shall not be unloaded food when turning.

9. When the road transfer, granary discharge must be empty and ascend to the highest and lock the well. Operation should obey the traffic rules, not speeding and presence.


Other announcements

1. Slightly step on oil and slowly raising speed. Keep low speed when turning.

2. Frequently changing oil and hydraulic oil.

3. When suspend operation, it shall timely put transmission in neutral position, and close the engine.

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