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Corn combine harvesters

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Corn is an important strategic resource of grain, feed and so on. It is very important to ensure the food security of our country, which can develop the animal husbandry and drive the related industry, and increase the income of the peasants. For a long time, the cultivation mode has restricted the corn seed and the development of mechanized harvesting. 

Chinese corn plantation has large latitude and longitude.In methods of cultivation, plain sowing, ridge sowing, ditch sowing and sowing are accounted for a certain proportion. In the variety selection, there are precocious, mature, late ripe. And spacing is not uniform. At present, corn stalks, bracts, cobs, stubble harvest. Therefore, corn mechanized harvest technology is very complex, and equipments are also diversed. Some people call for uniform maize spacing, requiring cultivation of agronomy to adapt to the harvest process. Even if spacing of planting is uniform, when the corn harvester harvest line and the number of seeding seeding line is inconsistent when there will be not upside.In addition,the mechanical operation of the dynamic deviation, there will be varying degrees of dynamic on the uplink problem.

Corn as food, feed, energy, industrial raw materials, which is widely used. Its importance is self-evident. The diversity of maize cultivation determines the complexity of mechanized production equipment. In order to improve maize production efficiency and utilization level, we need to make long-term unremitting efforts for food security, animal production and industrial use to make greater contributions.

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