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Deeply Harvest to Reduce Losses

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In order to fully implement the spirit of the central, provincial and state agricultural and rural work conferences and the arrangement and deployment of the "three summers" wheat machine harvesting work, promote the development of the agricultural industry and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, assist the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and ensure food security, June On the morning of the 28th, the Agricultural Mechanization Service Center held a demonstration of the wheat mechanized harvesting competition and the wheat mechanized harvesting link.

At the site, the party secretary of the center made arrangements for the mechanized production of grain in the "Three Summers" in terms of ideological understanding, service guarantees, technology promotion, and safety production. In the competition of wheat machine harvesting loss reduction, the participating harvesters carried out the machine harvesting and sickle operation on site. Professional and technical personnel monitored the harvesting time, wheat stubble height, number of lost grains and other data of the participating harvesters, and calculated the loss of wheat machine harvesting on the spot. The rate of loss reduction was assessed, and awards were given to the winning drivers in the competition. In the demonstration and demonstration session, the participants observed the mechanized field operations of wheat harvesting, deep loosening, deep plowing, and winter wheat sowing under the explanation of the professional technicians of the agricultural machinery extension station, and intuitively felt the effect of agricultural machinery on saving labor costs and improving important role in agricultural productivity.

The purpose of this activity is to further improve the level of agricultural mechanization services throughout the state, demonstrate and popularize new technologies and new equipment for agricultural mechanization, vigorously publicize the important role of machine harvesting in grain production, and effectively do a good job in cross-regional operations and grain crop machine harvesting. We will resolutely win the tough battle of "Three Summers", and achieve "grain storage in technology", "stabilize grain income and increase income", and "grain return to warehouse" to ensure food security.

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