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“Digital Agricultural Machinery" Boosts the Development of Agricultural Machinery

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Digital agricultural machinery plays an important role in promoting rural revitalization and high-quality development of agricultural machinery. At present, agricultural and rural informatization has entered a new stage of development, but problems such as scattered data resources, insufficient innovation capabilities, and imperfect industrial systems have gradually become prominent. In order to better sound the charge of rural revitalization, improve the working ability of agricultural machinery system personnel, implement the work requirements of "three standards" and "six increases", and accelerate the digital transformation of agricultural machinery is imperative.

      Creating "digital agricultural machinery" is a key part of the current development of agricultural machinery informatization. This cooperation with China Unicom to establish an agricultural machinery information service platform and construct an agricultural machinery information database can provide information support for the scientific scheduling of agricultural machinery in the agricultural production season, overall planning and decision-making, and provide support for promoting the standardization of monitoring terminals, monitoring methods and inspection rules. Providing convenient, fast and efficient agricultural machinery services is conducive to promoting the transformation of rural production methods from "small farmer economy" to large-scale standardized management. The construction of "digital agricultural machinery" makes full use of modern information technology, deeply integrates agricultural machinery production in the whole chain and the whole process, innovates systems and mechanisms, optimizes resource allocation, and effectively promotes the high-quality development of agricultural machinery informatization.

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