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FOTMA Discusses New Directions in The Development of Agricultural Equipment

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-10      Origin: Site

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On January 10th, in order to seize the strategic opportunity of a new round of agricultural equipment technology innovation and industrial development, focus on enhancing core functions and enhancing core competitiveness, our company held a seminar on the construction of agricultural equipment research and development system.

The conference discussion believes that the agricultural equipment industry is facing a period of great and expected historical opportunities, as well as many internal and external challenges. In the new era, we must adhere to industrial goals, focus on key areas, promote coordinated development, and strive for breakthroughs. We must coordinate the construction and operation of an agricultural equipment research system, further strengthen technological empowerment, support, and leadership; Based on lean scientific research management, we should implement three major actions: promoting product development planning, optimizing scientific research system layout, and enhancing scientific research incentives and management; We need to integrate and coordinate project funding and talent resources, systematically organize scientific research and innovation, promote the research and development of key core technologies and components, major equipment industrialization research and development, and engineering integration application throughout the entire chain and all factor scientific research capabilities and levels, support the achievement of leading in the "specialized, refined, unique, and new" sub field of agricultural equipment, new growth points for high-end intelligent equipment products, and create a "source" of original agricultural machinery technology.

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