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Good Prospects for Chinese agricultural machinery market

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In recent years, affected by factors such as agricultural machinery subsidy policies, land transfer policies, and farmers' income increases, the agricultural machinery industry has shown a gradual recovery trend. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", my country's agricultural mechanization has made great progress, forming a good trend of transformation and upgrading to a comprehensive, high-quality and high-efficiency process. The total power of agricultural machinery in the country has reached 1.056 billion kilowatts, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting has reached 71.25%, of which the comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and harvesting of the three major grain crops, wheat, corn and rice, has reached 97%, 90% and 84% respectively; animal husbandry, aquaculture, facilities Agriculture, primary processing of agricultural products, and mechanization of fruit, vegetable and tea have developed steadily; intelligent agricultural machinery such as Beidou, 5G-based unmanned agricultural machinery, and plant protection drones have entered the production line.

   It is worth noting that in this year's No. 1 document, the subsidies for agricultural machinery are more comprehensive and detailed. The subsidy content of high-horsepower machinery and small-scale gardening machinery has been increased. At the same time, it will focus on supporting agricultural machinery such as grain drying, crawler operation, corn and soybean strip compound planting, and rapeseed harvesting. The promotion of large-scale compound intelligent agricultural machinery is also a key content worthy of industry attention.

   Agriculture is related to national food security, resource security and ecological security. It can be seen from the above that this year, the country is ensuring the stable development of agriculture from a policy perspective, and the agricultural machinery market is one of the key support points. However, the normalized epidemic situation will cause a lot of pressure on the future market due to its uncertainty. This still needs to be positive. reality.

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