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Grape Production Full Mechanization Demonstration

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In order to improve the level of mechanization of grape production in Turpan, Xinjiang, and to promote the mechanization operation of deep-turning autumn fall operation, Turpan Agricultural Machinery Bureau held a live demonstration of the full-scale mechanization of grape production and deep-turning fall autumn technology.

At the meeting, professional technicians from Turpan's agricultural machinery department first introduced the participants to the entire process of mechanization of grape production and the importance of using it, and then demonstrated the vine burying, piering, furrowing and fertilizing, spraying, electric binding, electric Grape machinery such as pruning shears and various types of machinery such as turning plows and subsoilers have distributed more than 500 copies of materials including grape production full mechanization technology, subsoil operation mechanization technology, and animal husbandry mechanization technology.

Through the on-site demonstration operation, the farmers and herdsmen have a relatively intuitive understanding of the key technologies of the entire mechanization of grapes, such as burying vines, piering, fertilizing, spraying, branching, and pruning. It is the newly introduced crawler tractor towing grape burying machine, electric tying machine and electric pruning shears which attracted the attention of the participants.

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