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How to maintain farm machinery?

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Agricultural machinery maintenance is good or bad, which is a direct impact on the life of agricultural machinery and performance play. Here on the maintenance of agricultural machinery should be paid attention to several aspects of a  brief.

1.Anti-rustted for iron parts
Most of the spare parts are made of iron. If they are mismanaged, it is easy to shorten their service life due to rust, especially thin-walled iron parts such as walls, water pipes and so on. Therefore, this type of iron parts should be cleaned when they are not in use, coated with anti-rust paint, stored in a ventilated and dry place. 

2.Anti-aging for rubber
Rubber parts moisture or stained with oil after the easy aging cracks, reduce the service life. Therefore, harvesters, tractors, pumps and other mechanical belt should be removed in the storage maintenance, stored in dry and ventilated place. Wheeled harvesters and tractors into the storage when the application of wood pier will be the top and bottom of the locomotive, so that the tire from the ground, do not bear the load, but to maintain the right amount of pressure.

3.Anti-rotted for wood parts
Some agricultural machinery parts are made of wood, wood moisture easily deformed and rotten. So when the wooden parts to be washed, dry, coated with tung oil, placed in a ventilated and dry place.

4.Anti-deformation for spring
Most of the spring has two effects, namely, stretching and compression. If the park is not in the free position will make the spring loss of elasticity, resulting in plastic deformation and early retirement. Such as the engine into the exhaust valve should be in a closed state, so as not to spring pressure, and to prevent dust into the cylinder.

5.Anti-damp for motor
The motor can be used in the dry, ventilated, clean room when the motor is not used for a long time. If the motor with pesticides, chemical fertilizer together, or on the wet mud and easy to immerse the water into the  place, a long time the motor will be damp, the internal insulation performance, resulting in short circuit, leakage, and even burn the coil.

6.Anti-rustted for engine cylinder
The engine is the heart of a locomotive, and it is especially important to keep the engine clean. To this end, the locomotive should not be used for a long time when the nozzle removed to the cylinder into the amount of oil, and then install the nozzle, and then shake the crankshaft a few laps, so that the piston up and down in the cylinder several times,of the oil will be painted on the surface of the cylinder to prevent corrosion of the cylinder.

7.Anti-curing for battery
Large and medium-sized tractors should be long-term parking, the battery should be removed, fully charged, the outer surface scrub, in the electric pile and the chain surface coated with Vaseline, and then placed in a clean and warm room, every 1 month to make a supplement Charge.  

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