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Impact of the Epidemic on the Transportation of Agricultural Machinery

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Since mid-March, with the strengthening of epidemic prevention and control measures in various places, the management of freight logistics has also been strengthened, which has also brought about a decline in the speed of agricultural machinery logistics transportation, a prolonged logistics cycle, and an increase in logistics costs. In some areas, due to the severe epidemic situation, there is even a phenomenon that agricultural machinery transportation cannot be reached temporarily. All of these have brought a great impact on agricultural machinery production enterprises, agricultural machinery households and spring plough production.

1. The delivery speed of the place of origin has dropped: some enterprises in the epidemic prevention and control area have become very strict in accordance with the requirements and procedures of epidemic prevention and control, and on-site management, and the regulations have changed rapidly, and the speed of delivery and delivery has been greatly reduced .

2. Expressway exits are blocked, causing congestion: On the way to delivery after delivery, due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of various places, the expressway exits in many areas are blocked, vehicles cannot go down, and the expressway is congested for a long time. If you can wait in the high-speed service area, you generally have to wait for 1 day, and even up to 3 days in some places.

3. Difficulty in delivering goods to destinations: The epidemic prevention and control management requirements for goods delivered to various destinations have also become very strict in many regions, and the regulations have changed rapidly, especially it is difficult to deliver goods to the county level. The basic requirements in many areas are: 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, no star in the itinerary code, green health code, and the owner of the goods to the community to issue a certificate to pick up the goods at the highway entrance. Even in some areas, foreign vehicles are not allowed to enter, and vehicles are not allowed to get off the high-speed, so that the goods cannot be directly delivered to the destination, and the route needs to be changed many times.

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