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Improve the Level of Agricultural Mechanization and Intelligence

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Accelerating the development and promotion of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery is an important way to improve the level of agricultural mechanization and intelligence, and to accelerate the high-quality development of agricultural mechanization.

On the extension side, the government vigorously promote the construction of agricultural machinery extension platforms, deepen the transformation of farmland into mechanization, and promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. According to the needs of mechanized operations, the government requires active improvement of varieties, farming systems, cultivation and breeding models, formulate mechanization standards for the entire production process or key links of grain, oil, livestock, poultry and aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, and tea fungi, and promote the organic coupling of agricultural machinery and equipment with good varieties, good systems, and good methods. By 2025, 600 mechanized application bases will be built.

   In terms of financial policy support, the policy supports the research and application of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery engineering, optimizes and adjusts the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, tilts more towards miniaturization, lightness, and multi-functional agricultural machinery equipment, and actively supports the construction of agricultural machinery test bases, Cultivate social service organizations for agricultural machinery. Industry funds increase support for agricultural mechanization. Coordinate the three-level agricultural support funds of the provinces, cities and counties, and support the socialized agricultural machinery service organizations to carry out diversified services. Localities can innovate and improve the agricultural production and operation mechanism according to local conditions, and study and formulate social service subsidy policies such as unified operations, unified defense and governance, and other agricultural production trusteeships directly oriented to farmers. During the period of spring ploughing preparation, summer harvesting and summer planting, and autumn harvesting and winter planting, preferential policies will be implemented for the use of oil for agricultural machinery operations.

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