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Integrated Development of Work Related to Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers

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The year 2022 is a crucial year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the full implementation of rural revitalization. The No. 1 Document of the CPC Central Committee in 2022 clearly stated that "we will stabilize the agricultural infrastructure, do a good job in our work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, continue comprehensive rural revitalization, and ensure steady and increased agricultural output, farmers' income, and rural stability and tranquility." Among them, accelerate the development of agricultural mechanization is also one of the important work to ensure food security. In terms of intelligent agricultural machinery, beidou automatic navigation system is mainly installed on large tractors and combined harvesters to realize automatic driving and efficient operation, reduce labor intensity and improve operation efficiency. The number of Beidou navigation tractors and plant protection drones in the city has reached 1000 and 1200. In terms of agricultural machinery operations, the agricultural machinery with beidou satellite positioning and navigation is mainly used to carry out high-precision operations and realize intelligent and precise (fine) agricultural machinery operations. In terms of agricultural machinery management, emphasis has been placed on the installation of positioning and monitoring equipment on agricultural machinery, with more than 2,000 operation monitors installed in the city, realizing the information-based supervision of policy-subsidized agricultural machinery operations. In terms of convenient services, we will make solid progress in the pilot program of "three-in-one" application of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, focusing on the application of mobile phone APP, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code management of subsidy machines and tools, and Internet of Things traceability technologies, and accelerate the online application of the whole process of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies to improve the efficiency of subsidy policy implementation. Strive to 2022 "three in one" pilot machinery items to reach more than 10, pilot machinery "three in one" proportion to reach 100%. To carry out research on agricultural machinery comprehensive scheduling platform, explore the association between applied data and equipment and agronomy, and promote the integrated development of intelligent agricultural machinery, precision (intelligent) agriculture, and agricultural machinery informatization management.

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