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Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Adds "Technological Wings"

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Right now, it is the peak season of wheat harvest. In the Central Plains, there are "black technology" agricultural machines in the fields where the wheat waves are rolling: they are controlled by software programs and can be used in unmanned situations.

It completes operation instructions such as starting, walking, turning, harvesting, and unloading grain, and each action is very smooth, and the operation speed and harvesting effect even exceed manual operations. These "skills" are derived from the intelligent harvester and tractor products independently developed by applying artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies.

The unmanned harvester not only realizes unmanned driving, but also shows wisdom in wheat harvesting. Due to the advanced loss sensor and impurity detection device, compared with ordinary combine harvesters, the unmanned harvester can increase the harvest loss rate by 10%-15%, and the impurity rate after threshing of wheat can be reduced by 15%— 20%. In the unmanned farm, following the unmanned harvester, the unmanned seeder also stepped up its work, and the unmanned operation was realized from the summer to the summer seeds. An intelligent driving wheat machine cooperates with a high-horsepower intelligent driving tractor to complete both harvesting and planting, which greatly improves the efficiency.

Integrate a variety of artificial intelligence software and hardware equipment to create an artificial intelligence wheat harvester. The product uses artificial intelligence vision technology and high-precision sensors to perceive the harvesting environment and target, perform data analysis and processing, import algorithm models, generate optimal agricultural machinery parameter adjustment and control instructions, and transmit them to the vehicle control system, so as to achieve better results than manual driving. Precise and efficient control process.

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