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New Agricultural Machinery Technology Promotion Measures have Achieved Remarkable Results

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The promotion of new technologies for agricultural machinery closely centers on the goal of mechanization of the entire process of agricultural production, and strives to promote the development of agricultural mechanization in a comprehensive, high-quality and efficient direction in accordance with the requirements of "two integrations and two adaptations".

With the goal of improving the integration and application level of agricultural mechanization production technology, agricultural mechanization service level and comprehensive service capacity of agricultural technology in the country, with the main content of promoting mechanization of corn production as a whole, in order to create a long-term and stable agricultural machinery promotion demonstration base, the first implementation of agriculture Mechanized comprehensive demonstration construction project.

In order to complete the two tasks of agricultural machinery deep soil preparation and mechanized straw crushing and returning to the field as planned, the relevant departments first fully surveyed the situation of the towns and villages while reporting the project, and basically determined the main areas for project implementation; Through rigorous selection, experienced recruitment, complete equipment, honest and trustworthy cooperatives undertake this year ’s project task promotion; again, signed a contract and target production responsibility letter with each cooperative to ensure that the behavior in the production process fully conforms to the production process Requirements.

As a service department, the Agricultural Machinery Center provides guidance and inspection supervision in the spring and autumn harvest seasons, ensuring that all links are advanced according to predetermined goals.

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