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New Development of Agricultural Machinery

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With the development of agricultural mechanization in our country to the new normal, the development of agricultural mechanization has also reached a critical period, how to find a new driving force for the development of agricultural mechanization, so that it can achieve quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading, has become the focus of our current issues. At present, the level of agricultural mechanization in our country has been significantly improved compared with the past. On the one hand, it has promoted the implementation of the state’s strategic goal of building modern agriculture, and on the other hand, it has improved the level of economic development in rural areas, improved agricultural production methods, and increased labor. Productivity also made a greater contribution. It can be said that the development of agricultural mechanization has promoted the comprehensive and systematic improvement of China's comprehensive agricultural production capacity, which is of important strategic significance.

However, in recent years, China's agricultural mechanization has entered a phase of slow growth. According to analysis by many scholars, this change is not a cyclical change in demand caused by the industry, but a sign that agricultural mechanization has entered the “new normal” for transformation and upgrading. Under such a background situation, how to find new driving forces for the development of agricultural mechanization, and thus to enable them to successfully achieve quality improvement, efficiency improvement, and transformation and upgrading, have become the focus of more and more people's concerns.

In recent years, the state and local governments have all stepped up their attention to modern agricultural construction, especially to the weak links in the development of some agricultural mechanization. The current agricultural production is gradually shifting from focusing only on production to improving production, resource utilization, and environmental protection. Under this trend, the equipment structure of agricultural machinery has also been adjusted and optimized. Agricultural machinery with large scale, high technological advancement, strong applicability, and good energy-saving and environmental-friendly benefits are gradually becoming the mainstream development trend of agricultural machinery.

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