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New Holland Demonstrated World Larggest Harvester

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Recently,on a farm near Paris, France wheat harvest scene, New Holland CR9090 combine harvester demonstrated that the harvester is currently the world's largest combine harvester. From all over Europe more than 50 journalists see the machine, New Holland's executives attended the meeting on behalf of New Holland.

CNH president and CEO, New Holland agricultural machinery CEO, Harold Boyanovsky attended the new conference. He highlighted the growth of New Holland brand in Europe the situation, "In Europe, in every three combine harvesters and tractors in there every five one from New Holland, which is mainly attributed to users of Holland's innovative, dynamic, recognition of professional values. "

European vice president Carlo Lambro, and product manager Hedley Cooper describes in detail in Belgium, Holland excellent production base Zehnder Wevelgem (Zedelgem) factory condition. At the same time they passed numerous parameters and data to describe this most efficient CR9090 combine harvester: The newly designed 10.7-meter swath Varifeed cutting table; powered by 591 horsepower engine Wei Ke 13TCD; cereal grain tank capacity of up to 12,500 l, is currently the largest available products; fuel tank capacity of 1160 liters can guarantee non-stop throughout the day job.

Other optional devices, such as the new Phoenix best web design IntelliView touch monitor, so that the user experience more practical and high-tech combination.

Carlo Lambro, said: "Through New Holland CR9090 Combine harvesters, we are strengthening in the field of non-traditional harvesting machine status, in a bid to provide users with a greater range of technologically advanced products and solutions."

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