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Plant- Protection Drones Carry Out Rice Pest Control

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In order to effectively prevent and control diseases and insect pests, and ensure a high yield of grain, the Bureau of Agriculture has repeatedly dispatched plant protection drones to carry out "flying prevention" operations, and strive to win the battle against rice diseases and insect pests.

At present, rice is gradually entering the mature harvest period, which is also a critical period for the prevention and control of rice diseases and insect pests. According to the higher-level deployment, the agricultural department vigorously promotes green prevention and control and unified prevention and governance technologies, and sprays pesticides, fungicides and other mixtures to achieve the effects of preventing pests and lodging. The spraying agents are all highly efficient, low-toxic, and Low-residue pesticides, all use drones for precise and timely application of pesticides. According to the person in charge of the County Agricultural Machinery Station, the efficiency of plant protection UAV flying control is much higher than manual application. Manual application is basically 10 acres a day, while plant protection UAV flying control application is basically 150 a day. Mu, has significant advantages such as high spraying efficiency, good effect, low cost, safe operation, and no damage to crops.

In recent years, plant protection drones have played an important role in participating in the unified control of agricultural diseases and insect pests. At the same time, they have laid a solid foundation for increasing grain production and farmers' income, marking the rise of agricultural mechanization to a new level.

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