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Practice guide technical innovation of agricultural science

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In the current resource constraints, supply and demand situation is changing. And domestic and international competition is so tight, agricultural and rural development has entered the "structural  upgrading, mode changing, power conversing" of the critical juncture, technological innovation supply support for structural reform.The role of the engine will be more prominent. At present, Chinese agricultural science and technology progress contribution rate has been more than 56%, but the agricultural science and technology on the current stage of agricultural development problems are not enough to respond to the need for further production practice-oriented scientific research collaboration and management system, mechanism reform.

We should create conditions for the transformation of science and technology into productive forces. Scientific knowledge needs to be "materialized"  through "technological invention", from knowledge to technology, and with traditional factors of production coordination, unity, and then into productive forces. The contribution of agricultural technology to productivity depends not only on its own technical efficiency, but also on the characteristics of agricultural production, scale, agricultural production factor and consumer preferences. Many "looks beautiful" new technology, in the actual  production but encountered a variety of unexpected difficulties in promotion, have shown that agricultural science and technology innovation needs from the laboratory to the field of "secondary improvement." This will require the construction of public sector and private sector research and research cooperation mechanism, as well as interdisciplinary or different scientific research between the main collaborative research and development mechanism for major cutting-edge technology to create the conditions for the transformation of science and technology to create the conditions for productivity. In this process, we should fully consider whether the new technology, which is conducive to scarce or high cost of resource substitution, and strengthen the basic research and applied research collaboration.  

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