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Promote the Promotion and Application of Innovative Agricultural Machinery Products

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The special appraisal of agricultural machinery is an important part of implementing the reform spirit of the agricultural machinery test appraisal system, and an important means to accelerate the promotion and application of innovative agricultural machinery products. Since the beginning of this year, agricultural and rural departments and agricultural machinery appraisal agencies at all levels have given full play to their main roles, combining the actual local agricultural production, the development needs of agricultural mechanization, the actual needs of farmers users and the actual needs of agricultural machinery companies, strengthening the formulation and revision of special appraisal outlines, and enhancing the supply capacity of special appraisals. Actively carry out special identification work, continue to meet farmers' strong demand for new agricultural machinery products, and help promote the high-quality development of agricultural mechanization.

In the next step, the Agricultural Mechanization Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will thoroughly implement the requirements of the meeting to advance the work of supplementing the shortcomings of agricultural machinery and equipment, continue to play a functional role, adhere to the orientation of serving the actual needs of agricultural production, strictly standardize the special appraisal outline for filing and reviewing, and guide local science formulate a special appraisal outline, promoting the implementation of special appraisal for agricultural machinery in accordance with the law. And provide more effective technical support for accelerating the shortcomings of agricultural machinery equipment, promoting the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization, supporting the overall promotion of rural revitalization, and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

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