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Starting Method of the Orchard Pesticide Applicator

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Starting Method of the Orchard Pesticide Applicator

The pesticide applicator is one of the functions of the orchard management machine, which is versatile and can be used not only for crops but also for orchards, making it very popular among agricultural users. The following article mainly introduces the starting method of the orchard pesticide applicator.

Turn on the circuit oil circuit switch, close the throttle valve, place the throttle in the medium speed position, fix the gasoline engine with your left hand, pull up the starting wheel handle with your right hand, and slightly pull the pull rope. When you feel that you have loosened the starting claw, make it come into contact with the starting disc and rotate coaxially. Then, smoothly and quickly pull the handle of the starting wheel horizontally several times until the gasoline engine starts. After starting, open the throttle valve and adjust the throttle valve to the appropriate position.

Close the water pump discharge valve, adjust the pressure (the general working pressure is 15-20, and the general working pressure is 10-15, and then it can start working.

It should be noted that incorrect use of starting methods (too much pump oil or too many slowly closing dampers) can easily lead to cylinder failure. At this point, the spark plug should be removed and the starting rope should be quickly pulled several times to drain the excess inlet. Start again after oiling.

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