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Three Major Needs of Rapeseed Harvesting Machinery

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At present, more than half of the rapeseed area in the country is harvested by machinery, of which about 80% adopts the combined machine harvesting method. The mechanized harvesting of rapeseed has the characteristics of labor saving, cost saving and high efficiency. However, due to the small size of rapeseed, the silique is easy to burst. Improper harvesting leads to serious losses, resulting in high yields and no bumper harvests. Most of the grain combine harvesters are used to harvest rapeseed, and the harvest loss rate is generally high.

Recently, the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued technical guidance on the reduction of rape mechanized harvesting, requiring all localities to strengthen the publicity and implementation of operational quality standards and technical training guidance in light of actual conditions, and effectively promote the work of improving the quality of rape mechanized harvesting. ”, to provide mechanized support for the completion of the annual soybean oil plant expansion task.

The special rapeseed harvester products are matured and introduced to the market to help solve the problems of expensive labor, tiring work, and poor environment in rapeseed harvesting. The demand for low-loss, high-efficiency and economical rapeseed harvesting machinery and equipment will increase significantly, and it will also promote the innovation and progress of related technologies of enterprises, escorting my country's oil crops with high yield and good harvest.

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