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Use of Herbicides for Soybean and Corn Ribbon Compound Planting

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From July 6th to 9th, Wang Fengle, the leader of the sixth research and guidance group of the Plantation Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Center, went to Inner Mongolia to investigate the use and phytotoxicity of soybean and corn ribbon compound planting.

The research and guidance team checked the progress of the soybean and corn ribbon compound planting on the spot, investigated the occurrence and control effects of weeds in the field, and learned about the planting of soybean and corn varieties, the selection of herbicides, and the causes of phytotoxicity. Visited professional cooperatives and large planters to learn about the problems existing in compound planting weed control, herbicide use, plant protection machinery, field management, harvesting, etc., and held discussions and exchanges.

The investigation and steering group fully affirmed the work of soybean and corn strip compound planting in Inner Mongolia. and made some suggestions. One is to organize agricultural machinery production enterprises to continue to develop plant protection machinery suitable for compound planting mode, to replace farmers' homemade or modified machinery, to improve the control effect and reduce phytotoxicity; the other is to strengthen the monitoring and investigation of weed resistance, and promote the substitution of herbicides and exchange use; the third is to carry out investigation and monitoring of pests and weeds. Carry out targeted trials and demonstrations, screen out high-efficiency and low-risk herbicides, and strengthen the research on prevention and control technology of soybean diseases and insect pests. Fourth, strengthen technical training and improve the technical level of scientific and rational use of herbicides.

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