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What Should I Do If the Lithium Battery Catches Fire?

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-22      Origin: Site

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Lithium batteries are now widely used in plant protection drones. With the rising temperature in summer, lithium batteries have become a great safety hazard, because they may catch fire and cause major accidents.

We need to pay great attention to it. For the lithium battery of the drone, fire prevention and fire extinguishing during storage, transportation and use.

Water is an effective way to put out the fire, please use a water-based fire extinguisher. Before putting out the fire, the power must be disconnected to avoid electric shock when putting out the fire. When using a fire extinguisher, stand on the tuyere above the fire point, lift the fire extinguisher, pull out the safety pin with your fingers, hold the handle firmly with your right hand, press down the handle, and then continuously spray the roots of the fire. Lithium batteries can catch fire at a temperature of thousands of degrees, and the smoke is toxic. Wear a smoke mask and high-temperature gloves. Do not directly transfer a smoking or flaming battery with bare hands;

If the fire is out of control, evacuate immediately and call Fire 119 for assistance.

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